Free TikTok For Beginners Course

A TikTok For Beginners Class With Brandie Michelle Peters

Below is a playlist that contains all of the videos in this Free TikTok for Beginners course, press play and get started learning how to get started posting video to promote your business, mission, or share your story as a content creator on TikTok * This is Part 1 Part 2 Will Be Available on May 21st, 2023


Introduction Video


Table of Contents

Lesson 1

What is TikTok?

Lesson 2

What is TikTok? Video Recording & Editing App

Lesson 3

What is TikTok? A Business Marketing Opportunity 

Lesson 4

Who Uses TikTok? 

Lesson 5

How TikTok Works , Understanding Trends

Lesson 6

How TikTok Works, Who is On TikTok?

Lesson 7

Overview of The TikTok Algorithm

Lesson 8

What Creators Need to Know About the Algorithm

Lesson 9

Introduction to TikTok for Marketing